SEE REPORT ? Exercise 1 - Counting Nouns
Use the correct counter nouns from below. Make them plural if needed.
He always puts four slices of cheese on crackers.

bottle    bowl    cup    glass    bag     slice    tube    roll     jar

1. Who wants a of tea?
2. Iris usually drinks two of grapefruit juice in the morning.
3. That's a very big of ice cream.
4. Please buy two of water. I'm really thirsty!
5. Don't eat the last of pie. It's for Dad.
6. Rob usually drinks two of chocolate milk for breakfast.
7. That's a very big of pizza.
8. That kind of soda doesn't come in cans. It only comes in .
9. Please give the cat a small of milk.
10. There's half a of mayonnaise left.
11. Where's the toothpaste? There was a whole in my bathroom yesterday.
12. We need toilet paper. There's only one in the kids' bathroom.
13. A: Could you make some rice?     B: Ok. How many ?
14. Could you prepare the cheese and crackers? Put twenty of cheese on each plate.
15. That's your second of cereal. That better be your last.


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