SEE REPORT ? Exercise 3 - Articles
Choose the correct article or quantifier. If nothing is needed, choose __.
Example: I was surprised to get some money from my uncle for my birthday.
Do you have __ cereal for breakfast?

1. A: Do you have money?
2. B: Yes, I have Here's ten dollars.

3. A: I need stamps.
4. B: Sorry. I don't have

5. A: Do you want slice of pizza?
6. B: No, thanks. I don't like pizza.

7. A: I have cereal for breakfast every morning.
8. B: Really? I always have egg.

9. A: Do you have money?
10. B: No, I don't have Sorry.

11. A: I usually have sandwich for lunch.
12. B: Not me. I always have hot soup.

13. A: Do we need apples?
14. B: Yes, we do. But don't buy oranges.

15. A: Do you want cup of coffee?
16. B: No, thanks. I don't like coffee.


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