SEE REPORT ? Exercise 8 - Quantifiers and Nouns
Choose the correct sentence or quantifier.
Examples: I asked the teller for $60, but she gave me $360. She definitely gave me too much money.
Overall, you did very well. Only a few assignments were late.

1. Evelyn needed 60 credits to graduate, and she had 61.
2. One hundred thirty people came to the concert. There were one hundred twenty seats in the theater.
3. Isn't it crowded in the living room?
4. We can buy that house.
5. That beautiful sweater cost $28, but I had only $26.
6. The refrigerator looks empty.
7. Fifteen people came to his birthday party. The cake was for twenty people.
8. Do you like the fish?
9. schools in the district have computers.
10. my sisters live in Montreal.
11. I have to rewrite my essay because there were mistakes.
12. Mr. Leeman has twelve children, and he treats child the same way.


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