SEE REPORT ? Exercise 11 - Count Nouns, Mass Nouns, and Articles
Correct the sentences by using the correct mass noun (e.g. furniture, water) or quantifier (some, many, not much, a few, a lot of) + noun. You will have to change or delete a word.
Don't use the Tab key.

Example: It is located in an area where much thick bushes grow. It is located in an area where many thick bushes grow.

          Rainforest Island has been treated extremely well by nature. It has 1, which produce beautiful wood. On the north side of the island, it has mountains where 2 is grown. In the southern area, there are thousands of acres of bananas and 3 there as well. The island exports 4, coffee, bananas, and sugar. There are other resources to be developed, too. The eastern shore has 5 and would be ideal for tourism; so far, however, tourism has not brought 6. There are only 7 on the island, and these are not in good condition. There is 8, though; the Islands Hotel Investment Group is planning to invest heavily in the area. This will result in 9 and will provide 10 for the inhabitants of the island. Even more important, at the end of the twentieth century, 11 was discovered just off the northern shore. Since then, scientists have found that there is 12 underneath the island. Until now, Rainforest Island has had to depend on agriculture, but in the future - with oil and 13 about to be developed - it is likely that there will be some changes in the character of the island.


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