SEE REPORT ? Exercise 5 - Nouns, Count/Non-Count, and Articles
Choose the correct article. Some may not need an article (_ an empty space).
Examples: The lightning could be seen from miles away.
A new Asian grocery store is opening on Main Street.

1. You must be hungry. Can I make you sandwich?
2. new assistant is very efficient. I'm glad we hired him.
3. No, this isn't my coat. gray one over there is mine.
4. phonology lecture was very interesting. Thanks for inviting me.
5. If you give someone a gift in Japan, don't wrap it in white paper because white is associated with death.
6. The Sorbonne is university in France. It's very famous.
7. We had a bad storm last night. kept my son awake all night.
8. Mrs. Jusino is acting teacher. She gives private lessons to young students who dream of being stars.
9. French Impressionist exhibit at the museum is very exciting.
10. The weather is nice here most of the year, but it can be very humid in


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