SEE REPORT ? Exercise 2 - Nouns and Quantifiers
Choose the correct quantifier.
Examples: In Washington, several pieces of mail were found to contain ricin, a type of poison.
We were unable to locate any appropriate sites for the conference in the city.

1. That actor is not very popular. He has fans.
2. Researchers in parts of the world are working to find a cure for cancer.
3. Teachers in countries of the world don't receive very high salaries.
4. These apples look good. Oh, wait! They're not apples. They're .
5. Could you lend me sugar? I'd like to bake Allen a birthday cake.
6. You received mail today. I put everything on your desk.
7. After the earthquake, people who lost their homes had hope for the future.
8. Could I borrow dollars? I'll pay you back on Friday.
9. This classroom still needs a great deal of
10. Look at all those ants! Oh, no! They're not ants. They're .
11. Have rice. It's delicious.


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